Container Shipping

We know that shipping a container can be a confusing process. This page is dedicated to container shipping information and includes helpful forms.

There are 3 sizes of containers (10ft, 20ft and 40ft).

We ship with MSC, Maersk Line, Zim, and ACL.

After deciding what size container you need and which line you would like to ship with, please complete the container booking request form and send it to us to schedule your shipment.


Ro-ro Shipping

We know that shipping a vehicle roll on roll off can be almost as confusing as shipping a container. WHAT ARE THE STEPS FOR RORO SHIPPING?

  1. Apply for an EIN if you do not already have an EIN or Passport Number (please see document library below for instructions on obtaining an EIN)
  2. Complete the booking request form and send to us along with your documentation fee payment
    We will send you a dock receipt listing all of your information for your vehicle.
    You will then need to hire a trucker to deliver your vehicle to the port of export, or you can deliver it yourself. Each port has specific requirements for gaining access to the port, so we do recommend hiring a qualified and registered trucker. On occasion we can also assist with trucking.
  3. When delivering to the port, the original title will be required along with other documentation in order for the vehicle to clear US Customs. Below in the Roro Document Library we have listed the requirements for each steamship line for each port and what will be required for delivery.
  4. Once your vehicle is delivered and cleared by US Customs, it will be released to sail on the next available vessel.
  5. After confirmation that your vehicle has sailed, we will advise you that payment is due. As soon as we receive payment (see “How to make a Payment” page), we will send either the steamship line original bills of lading to your address in the USA via Fedex overnight, or a telex release.